Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law

Towards the Establishment of an International Constitutional Court

Issue 4, pp 386-399
Abstract: This article comprehensively examines the 1999 recommendation of the Tunisian government to create an International Constitutional Court that is designed to enhance the principles of democracy and human rights and to strengthen the constitutional doctrine which states that the people are the source of authority in a given country. This proposal, which was strongly advocated by former Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki during his term in office, aims to underscore the importance of establishing an international judicial entity and analysing its bylaws with respect to its terms and conditions, formation, jurisdiction and selection of judges. The article traces the trajectory of the movement, from the proposal stage to the latest developments in formally establishing the international judicial entity. Finally, the article identifies various possible difficulties and challenges that are likely to stand in the way of implementing the proposal.
International Constitutional Court
Principles of Democracy and Safeguards of Human Rights
Fair and Free Elections
eliminating dictatorships

ICL 2016, 386