Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law

Constitutional Court and Constitutional Review in Albania

Issue 2, pp 214-238
Abstract: This article tends to give an insight on the historical and institutional development of the Constitutional Court of Albania, on the need of the society and the historical changes that led to its creation. It focuses especially on the role and competences of this Court on the protection of the rule of law, of the constitutional principles, on the balancing and division of powers, on the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. Its aim is to provide overall information on the functioning and standards it follows. It is based on the jurisprudence of this Court during the years and is enriched by its decisions on particular subjects and compares this Court to other similar ones in Eastern European countries. The article is mainly directed to scholars and legal writers whose aim is to compare the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court of Albania to other similar courts.
Judicial Review
Rule of Law
Fundamental Rights

ICL 2013, 214