Europäisches Journal für Minderheitenfragen

The displacement of the population by escape and expulsion – means of the politics forever and ever?

Attempt of an assessment from the point of view of historical and political circumstances, and according to international law

Issue 1-2, pp 13-30
EJM 2017, 13
Abstract Since the middle of 2015, the current refugee crisis is affecting Europe, and the open-minded European media society appears to be many-voiced, but largely helpless to encounter the high number of refugees. The reactions vary from a “welcoming culture” to the “building of a wall”. And yet, the 20th century has already passed into history as “century of the world’s refugee problem”. Displacements, relocations, and deportations were regarded as appropriate means of the politics in order to create homogeneous nation-states and to allegedly ease troubled regions. The article attempts to link the historical aspects with current developments.
EJM 2017, 13

Fremden- und Asylrecht
Europa- und Völkerrecht