Europäisches Journal für Minderheitenfragen

Das neue Toponomastik-Gesetz für Südtirol

Issue 2, pp 133-135
EJM 2013, 133

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Abstract The current paper offers an introduction to the problems around the use of place names in South Tyrol. Most of the Italian topographical indications which are in use today in South Tyrol, also officially, were introduced during the Fascist italianization of South Tyrol after 1920. At that time, the original German names were even banned. Nowadays, the mostly artificially created Italian place names are being commonly used in the everyday language of Italian-speaking South Tyroleans, who make up one-third of South Tyrol’s population. Against this delicate political background, South Tyrolean lawmakers were hesitant to regulate the so-called toponomastics by way of a provincial Law (introducing the obligation to bilingualism, in accordance with Article 8 Z 2 of the Autonomy Statute). In November 2012, after decades of political controversy, the South Tyrolean provincial parliament (Landtag) finally adopted such an Law. This Law, however, has been challenged by the Italian government.
EJM 2013, 133

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