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EuGH: Loan granted by the Italian Republic to the airline company Alitalia – Decision declaring the aid unlawful and incompatible – Sale of assets of Alitalia – Decision finding no aid at the conclusion of the preliminary examination phase – Action for annulment – Locus standi – Interested party – Admissibility – Serious difficulties – Competence – Duty to state reasons

Issue 3, pp 152-165

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The Court (Second Chamber)

Dismisses the appeal;

Orders Ryanair Ltd to bear, in addition to its own costs, the costs incurred by the European Commission and Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana SpA;

Orders the Italian Republic to bear its own costs.

EuGH, 13.06.2013, Rs C 287/12 P, Ryanair Ltd ./. Europäische Kommission

BRZ 2013, 152

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